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“This woman is living the sermon”

-Dr.Bernie Siegel


       Choosing to befriend her cancer and not battle it, Denise offers a paradigm shift in how to approach life’s challenges. From the very beginning, Denise's journey with cancer has touched many lives in positive ways. From public speaking to supporting people on-on-one across the country, she has become their real life inspiration.
       Her doctors warned her that post-operatively speaking could be difficult and there were no guarantees that her singing voice would return. Given three months to live, to singing the National Anthem before a sell-out crowd of 35,000 Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway Park, to riding her bicycle 87 miles for the Pan Mass Challenge in one day and personally raising over $11,000 for the Jimmy Fund - all in less than two years from her diagnosis, Denise is living proof that the unexpected can be achieved.

     Blending love, humor, and song, Denise shares insight and instruction for what she has found to be the most powerful healer of all... self love.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD reviews Denise's book, From Stage IV to Center Stage
"Denise's book shares the truth about healing one's life  Her life is an example of survival behavior bringing together her mind, body and spirit through her action, wisdom and devotion. Self induced healing is not an accident or a matter of good fortune; it is derived from the work of the individual. 
Denise shows us through her words and deeds how to create order, the rainbow, and transform your life, the butterfly.  And when you create your new self, your body knows you are now loving your life, and it responds and does all it can to restore your health and keep you alive.
Reading Denise's book can be a guide for anyone facing one of life's difficulties. If you have the courage and are willing to show up for practice, not fear change and failure, then let this book become your coach.
It will guide you to a healed life.

-Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD 


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