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    "It's haunting, remarkable, energetically shifting, and outstandingly beautiful. Thank you for giving me th...e opportunity to hear things in an new way - especially the Blessed Are the Peacemakers prayer - which I feel like I heard for the first time. Amazing stuff!"                                                              -Beth K.

    The PRAY PEACE CD and PRAY PEACE Event  is a compilation of deeply moving music provided as a backdrop for my voice being the voice for peace, praying the peace prayers from several different faiths: Buddhism, Muslim, Christian, African, and more.


    One of the requirements to become an ordained Interfaith Minister was to create a project around a passion. My passion is peace.  I wanted to do something about ushering in a new level of peace: something that would be timeless and be a tool for people to access that place of peace within, thus raising the consciousness of peace on the planet one person at a time. Peace on the planet is each and everyone's individual responsibility. When every person lives a peaceful life from the inside out we will experience peace on the planet. I believe this is possible.

    From the feedback I have received thus far, people have been very moved by the music and prayers. Several people have experienced healing on many levels and have accessed that peaceful & loving place within.

    PRAY PEACE EVENT    The Pray Peace event is a slide presentation of 85 images (sample photos to the left) of places and people from around the world. Simultaneously the experience of the music and prayers  are experienced while each person participates in the energy of projecting their intention for peace to the images before them and beyond. This event certainly made an impact on the 150 people present for the initial presentation at Unity on the River in Amesbury, MA.
                                                                                        MAY ALL BEINGS BE AT PEACE    -Namaste'  

Pray Peace
Denise DeSimone

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Offering this event around the country is my intention, and spirit’s intention for me.
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