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"The medicine of the future is sound."    - Edgar Cayce

    Even as a child I have been drawn to sound because it felt good to take a breath, exhale and make a sound for as long as I could. I had no idea what I was doing; I just knew it felt really good. I would do my best to enroll others in this practice.  In my later years when I began to look into what this life of ours is all about, I began to realize that everything is vibration.  There is nothing in life that isn't vibration.  So it made sense that using my own voice to make a sound, a Denise DeSimone - Sound Healingvibration/tone if you will, felt good because I was using my own vibration to connect with the universal vibration. The one!

    Using sound as a tool for clearing and balancing our charkas assists us in breaking through blockages within our bodies. Some of these blockages may have been there for many years. Releasing these blockages using our own
voice offers many benefits.  Benefits such as: deep relaxation, stress reduction, deeper and more profound meditation time, feelings of joy and inner peace shifts in consciousness, increased clarity, these are just to name a few.


The law of attraction is secondary to the primary law of vibration. Love is the most potent of all vibrations.Our dreams are deeply rooted and connected to what it is we love. In this workshop Denise walks participants through a visioning process helping them get clear on what it is they truly love. Supporting each person in the first stages in the process of closing the gap between them and the life they dream of living because their dream is calling their name.

Applying her 17 years of knowledge and experience of working with sound, vibration and energy under the mentorship and guidance of Sound Healer and Chant Master Jonathan Goldman, Denise has expanded upon Jonathan's formula of S + V = M, interpretation: Sound + Visualization = Manifestions. Using this formula and her vast knowledge of blending visioning with sound healing, Denise assists each participant in anchoring their dreams at a cellular level to make manifest their dreams in the physical

The following tools and techniques are used in this transformative and experiencial workshop:

♥ Guided visioniong
♥ Chakra Clearning & Balancing 
♥ Vowels as mantras
♥ Your name as a Mantra - your name is a power word - YOUR DREAM IS CALLING YOUR NAME
♥ Trance Dance to Tara - using mantric chanting, drumming & dance to invoke the
Tibetan Goddess of Compassion
♥ Toning - resonating the body, brain, and etherics fields using your own self-created sounds
♥ Tuning Forks - Moses Code Forks, C&A Forks, D&A Forks-experiencing the effects
of specific intervals and sonic ratios
♥ Didgerioo Healings - experience the ancient healing overtones of the didg.
♥ Chanting - enjoy the power of connecting with the universal life force through chanting sacred chants

And More...

This modality was extremely important and useful to me in my own healing process while recovering from throat & neck cancer.  So much so, I made a CD to have this work available to you at all times.

Click below to purchase Denise's sound healing CD entitled

"Make a Joyful Noise- A Meditation Using Sound for Chakra Clearing and Balancing."

May the sound of your own voice bring you balance, much joy, and deep inner peace.
And…may all beings be at peace.

Denise’s sound workshop was a truly satisfying experience.  Her passion and knowledge of the healing properties of sound combined with her ability to create a warm and accepting space made it an exceptional afternoon.  I was not only able to work through emotional and physical layers while in the class, she gave us the tools and understanding we needed to take home with us. I would not hesitate to recommend her workshop and look forward to attending future events.

-K. Smith, Massachusetts

I had known about self-love, and practiced some, but hearing Denise speak led me to just HOW MUCH we must love ourselves, how much we MUST love ourselves,  then how rich our lives will be. Itbrought me to a whole new level of heart understanding about Loving myself that
I had not known before.
                -Dianna Swift,North Carolina

"Denise DeSimone is a powerful healer. She had us set an intention at the start of the workshop, and I left there feeling that intention fulfilled!  It was the most powerful two hours of recent memory. She understands her craft, and her loving heart and personality must surely have something to do with it!"

- Leslie S. - Connecticut

Click here to purchase your copy of Denise's Sound Healing CD.


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